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Dear Sweet Muffin went over the Rainbow Bridge this spring.  She was a gift from God and her memory will be cherished forever by those whose lives she touched...
Muffin...Reading Therapy Dog
Muffin was rescued in Oklahoma by Homeward Bound Pug Rescue. She is completely BLIND, due to abuse by her former owner. I was so happy to be able to adopt her.  She is a great Therapy Dog. She helps children  to relax and read.  She helps students learn about disabilities in animals, as well as  in people.
Adopt a pet
Check out your local shelters.
  • Never buy from a "pet store"
  • Go to

Adopt a pet

Foster a pet

In the Will county area..try:

  • Will County Humane Society
  • AARS Rescue
Want a pug?  Midwest Pug Rescue and Homeward Bound Pug Rescue are great, too

Always Spay and Neuter your pets.
 They are healthier that way!

The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering include:
Reduces or eliminates spraying or marking
Reduces the desire to roam
Risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and/or uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated in females
Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated in males
...and most of all it reduces the number of unwanted dogs and cats that are put to death