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Pick up and Delivery provided
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YES, you can sleep in the bed!
Night night!





Vet Visits

Puppies need attention and LOVE...
Nikko likes to stay at Pam's Pets....He loves "sleep overs"


No time for veterinarian appointments?  I will take your pet for annual visits, special care visits, etc 

Vet Visits ( Will County)  $25.00 Free pick up and delivery
Client testimony:

We have used Pam’s services for the past three years and are extremely satisfied customers.  She provides a first-rate service in pet boarding that gives us peace of mind knowing that our dog is in good hands while we are gone.   Additionally, Pam goes the extra-mile in coming to our house for both the pick-up and drop-off, which is something other services in our area have refused to provide.  She also provides email updates during our vacation that include details of our dog’s vacation and an occasional photo.

In short, we enthusiastically endorse Pam’s Pets boarding service to anyone.


Rob and Debbie Price

Lockport, IL

Quality Pet Boarding
in my home. Your pet is one of the family. We have fun "sleep overs".
This service includes daily walks, healthy treats , pick up/drop off and lots of love!
Basic Obedience Training includes socialization, walks and pet owners participation. Basic commands include SIT, HEEL, STAY and most importantly, COME. 
Your dog is not safe unless he/she knows and abides by these simple commands.
This training is essential for the safety of your pet.  Owners will be coached on "How Tos "and informed of methods specific to your dogs needs.
Dog Walking is offered in beautiful parks. This service includes pick up/drop off, treats, socialization and healthy exercise for your beloved pet.
Dog Boarding :  ( We prefer to call it "sleepovers)   $20.00 per day
Dog Walking: $20.00 per hour
Obedience Training Sessions   1 hour  $30.00
Reserve early
Since Pam's Pets only does one family's pets at a time...PLEASE call and reserve early. 
Proof of  current vaccinations/shots is required

Nikko loves the couch
After playing all day....

Just hanging out at Pam's Pets
Rocky, Muffin, Star

Luka enjoys the sofa at Pam's Pets

All pets must show proof of up to date vaccinations. Any/all health issues must be disclosed. ( I am trained in giving injections and will be happy to administer daily insulin, etc when veterinarian authorized.)_

We love ALL sizes!

Make your vacation reservations EARLY.  I only take one family of pets per session.  Your pet is treated like a member of the family...less stress..happier pet and OWNER!

Pam's Pets loves YOUR pets. 

 I have owned, trained and shown dogs for many years.  I am involved in dog and cat rescue organizations and offer you  pet counseling free of charge.

If your pet sleeps in YOUR bed...your pet is allowed on MY bed.  If your pet is allowed on YOUR sofa...your pet is allowed on MY sofa.

Special medications and diets are no problem.

Healthy treats and daily walks are all part of the service.

I will provide photos and a short journal of your pets stay with me upon your return.


Your pet deserves the BEST....

Pam's Pets